I am always trying to be as honest with you as I possibly can. This is, why I add the (aff) note with a link to this very page to some links.

These links are kind of special and give you a great chance to support About Wings and my work without any additional cost to you.

(aff) stands for Affiliate. It is my little mark to let you know that the link you are dealing with is a so called Affiliate Link.

Affiliate Links usually lead to some sort of product or service that you can acquire for money. This can be on Amazon or any other website that provides the option for advertisers.

Every time you go through one of my Affiliate Links to another website and buy a product, you automatically support About Wings with the advertising fee you would have paid for the product anyway.
I will get a little percentage of every sale these websites make through my affiliate links.


Does this change the About Wings website in any way?

I only recommend you products I would have recommended anyway. You will find plenty of recommendations, that are not affiliated, simply because the vendor doesn’t provide an affiliate option.

Every time I tell you about a product I think you might find useful, I also check out if the company selling it, has an affiliate program. I do not – and I repeat – I do not practice this the other way around and recommend you something only because I can earn a little money from it.


Isn’t that a little greedy?

I leave that decision to you.

About Wings is aimed to help you get going on your own adventure and give you an insight into mine. Writing these articles and  – especially – shooting, editing and uploading the episodes takes a lot of time and work.
And Diesel is not cheap.

I could also spend the time I use for About Wings with Graphic and Web Design jobs instead. Those bring me easy money. But I keep getting emails from you guys, telling me to “keep up the great work”.

But at the end of the day I have to live from something. There are other ways to support me as well. But I came to the conclusion, that Affiliate Links – used responsibly – are a great way to provide you with value and give you a way to support me at the same time with no additional charge.

If you do not agree with this, feel free to manually open a new tab and type in the link by hand. This way the affiliate commission goes directly to the vendor (or another affiliate who didn’t tell you about their commission) and I won’t see a penny of it.

Actually: If you think, the content I provide on this website is not of value to you, I don’t even want you to use my affiliate links.

However, if you think I should get going with About Wings and want to support me: A simple click on the link before you buy something is enough to give me a little financial push and the wheels turning!

I am incredibly grateful for everybody who decides to support me in one way or another and will continue to give my best, providing you with entertaining and high quality content!


Thank you,